In addition to having 280 rainy days a year, plus a town market that smells like fish (in a bad way), Bergen, Norway also has a pretty nice music scene. Being a co-founder and current part-time member of electropunk nutters Datarock, as well as a sometime collaborator with other Bergen artists like Annie, Ketil Mosnes has been part of the Bergen scene for a while now. His newest project is called BAERTUR.
BAERTUR is basically a mix of musical styles Mosnes voluntarily and involuntarily has been exposed to during the recent years. Having released six albums -all of them critically acclaimed in his native country- Mosnes’ project has operated as everything from a one-man instrumental lofi-electronica act to a full-on psychedelic rock quintet. And lots of stuff in between. As a band, BAERTUR has played at both small and big festival scenes in Norway, as well as at clubs like Santo’s Party House in New York, Festsaal Kreutzberg in Berlin and Mezzanine in San Francisco.
The band currently consists of Mosnes, Knut Andreas Knutsen, Øyvind Solheim, Eirik Moberg and Kjetil Møster.

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